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Morocco. Contrasts and prospects for a changing country

TURIN, Campus Luigi Einaudi, Università degli Studi of Turin – Circolo dei Lettori Morocco represents a strategic partner for Italy, owing to its political stability and the positive economic growth outlook. Tepid reforms launched by the Monarchy, the centre of gravity of the whole country, have allowed the kingdom to be spared from the repercussions that had taken place elsewhere in the aftermath of the Arab Spring – even though there still remains a long way to go when it comes to civil rights and gender equality.


Participants in the program, which is run jointly with the Israel Innovation Authority, undergo months of full-stack development boot camp and then pledge to stay in Israel's workforce for two years

Affido e adozione, quelle zone di confine da imparare ad abitare
Sempre più spesso gli affidi durano molti anni e nell'adozione, invece, resta la relazione con un genitore biologico. Come gestire queste nuove situazioni? La riflessione del @CoordinamenCARE

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