For years CIPMO has been financially supporting its projects – notably the project “Mediterranean. The Mirror of the Other”, related to a network of Mediterranean schools, and the project “The role of Med-African Diasporas” for the reception and the inclusion of refugees and migrants – by organizing auctions of contemporary art in collaboration with Sotheby’s. These auctions have been promoted thanks to the distinguished figure of Arturo Schwarz and, since 2018, with the generous help of Gloria Gatti.

Over these years, more than 100 artists and art galleries have donated one of their artworks; it is with them, and with all those who will join us in the future, that CIPMO intends to engage in a constant dialogue and establish a long-lasting collaboration that will not stop once the annual auction is over.

A work of art is a dialogue in itself, as it is an interaction taking place between the artist and the observer, between the artist and his/her world view, between reality and the author’s fantasy and creativity – all this is balanced with the artist’s skills and a rigorous method built over time.

What CIPMO has been doing for almost 30 years now is precisely to promote dialogue and to create channels of communication for understanding the Other. We do this by endeavouring to critically understand reality and to help transform it, rather than making judgments based on prejudice. We strive to find windows of opportunity for paving the way for progress, for transforming our reality while looking at the future instead of at the ballast of the past, for building a different world, more respectful of our common humanity.

Reason and imagination must forge a new alliance to combat evil and make common good thrive: This is the profound meaning underlying our auctions. Hope is the gift that we have always received from our artist friends – and that we will receive from all of our friends willing to support our projects.

Past auctions and catalogues are available in Italian. Following the invitation to the next auction