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Morocco. Contrasts and prospects for a changing country

TURIN, Campus Luigi Einaudi, Università degli Studi of Turin – Circolo dei Lettori

Morocco represents a strategic partner for Italy, owing to its political stability and the positive economic growth outlook. Tepid reforms launched by the Monarchy, the centre of gravity of the whole country, have allowed the kingdom to be spared from the repercussions that had taken place elsewhere in the aftermath of the Arab Spring – even though there still remains a long way to go when it comes to civil rights and gender equality.

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Impasse Iran

TURIN, Campus Luigi Einaudi, Università degli Studi of Turin – Circolo dei Lettori

The US withdrawal from the Nuclear Deal (JCPOA) and the re-imposition of sanctions ordered by Trump caused major difficulties to Iran, intensified its domestic clashes, exacerbated its popular discontent. Europe, Russia, and China seem uncapable of counterbalancing the American decision, nor of offering guarantees to investors. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been purchasing arms and weapons from the USA worth hundred billion dollars.

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The Middle East between Trump and Putin. What Role for Europe?

TURIN, Campus Luigi Einaudi, Università degli Studi of Turin

While Putin’s Russia is expanding and beefing up its presence in the Middle East, thereby becoming Syria’s patron in alliance with Iran and Turkey, Trump has announced the complete withdrawal of US troops from the country, letting the victors divide the country in zones of influence.

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Online la videoregistrazione del Convegno del 14 marzo alla Camera dei Deputati: "Migrazione, Accoglienza, Inclusione, Cosviluppo. Il ruolo delle Diaspore Med-Africane link: https://t.co/ds0f0PjeFy

Leonardo Carmenati @aics_it Una priorità è collaborare con tutti gli stakeholders e contribuire a costruire una nuova narrativa sull'immigrazione.

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