CIPMO - Italian Center for Peace in the Middle East

This site is owned by CeSPI – Centre for Politics and International Studies and contains the wealth of studies, analyzes and activities accumulated by Cipmo over the course of its 30 years of activity. A heritage that we wanted to preserve and make available for consultation in a sort of virtual library. Following the liquidation of the Cipmo Association, in 2020, the contents of this site stop at that date.

CeSPI - Centre for Politics and International Studies

CeSPI is an independent and non-profit think tank that carries out policy-oriented research and analysis, consultancy, evaluation and training on numerous relevant issues of international relations. Recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, it is a member of numerous international networks.



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icona per area di intervento di geopolitica


Analysis, dialogue, public initiatives

In-depth and balanced analyses of future scenarios and policies; setting up of channels of dialogue in crisis areas; promotion of public events and insight conferences open to civil society and entrepreneurs.


For an equitable and sustainable development

Despite the numerous crisis hotspots, the region has an enormous potential – owing to its wealth of energy and natural resources – and calls for a new model of  sustainable development based on mutual respect and mutual benefit.


Diasporic communities, inclusion and security

Valorisation of the role of diasporic communities coming from the Middle East and Africa, in order to promote inclusion, civil rights and security in close collaboration with the institutions and civil society organisations.


An interactive network of Mediterranean schools

Multiculturalism and intercultural dialogue; support to the creation of networks between high schools of the two sides of the Mediterranean (“meet the Other to know yourself”); training seminars for teachers and other groups interested in the initiative.


Majorities and minorities, relations and guarantees

Ethnic, linguistic, national and religious minorities; relations and mutual guarantees between majorities and minorities in the Euro-Med-African context; specific focus on the experience of Alto Adige-South Tyrol, in cooperation with ANTENNA Cipmo.


Charity auctions of contemporary art

Contemporary artists  help CIPMO to promote dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region and in Africa by donating their works of art as a gift for the auction. Since 2012, more than 300 works from renowned Italian and international artists have been auctioned in collaboration with Sothteby’s.


Turkey’s unknown variables in the Syrian context

by Alberto Gasparetto

25 February 2019

Haftar’s advance reopens Italian-French contest for Libya

by Michela Mercuri

26 February 2019