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Regional Cooperation and Development of Energy Resources in the Central-Eastern Mediterranean

ROME, Sala Capitolare of the Senate of the Republic, Chiostro del Convento di Santa Maria della Minerva

Not only are the abundant hydrocarbon reserves discovered off the coasts of Israel, Cyprus and Egypt a crucial component of the EU energy diversification strategy, but they also offer the opportunity of launching a stabilization and integration process on the regional scale, which was long cause of political tension among the riparian states.

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Betting on Iran

MILAN, Conference Hall of Palazzo Reale

Normalizing Iran’s relation with the rest of the world is regarded a top priority not just by President Rohani’s administration, but also by the vast majority of Iranians, who – as demonstrated by the results of the parliamentary elections in February 2016 – aspire to better economic conditions and to international recognition of Iran as a legitimate and important global player.

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Ottimi spunti da questa discussione con @stefaniacraxi Alfredo Conte @DangRaphael @nicoluccif @Mattia88261 sulle complesse relazioni tra #Francia e #Italia nel #Mediterraneo, frutto dello sforzo congiunto di @CeSPI_Roma e @FranceenItalie https://youtu.be/40XDFVwaGsY via @YouTube

📌#Coopera La Conferenza nazionale della cooperazione italiana, costituisce un'opportunità per fare un bilancio sulle prospettive della cooperazione internazionale
🙏Grazie a @petrellismo per il suo editoriale per il sito del CeSPI: https://bit.ly/3OzvkCk

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