icona per area di intervento di geopolitica

Turkey: The development the society

1st  International Conference “Turkey Phenomenon”


10 October 2011, Conference Hall of Palazzo Turati, Milan

The conference consisted in a comprehensive reflection on Turkey’s economy, society and foreign policy.

Although interest in Turkey is growing, knowledge about the multi-faceted and complex reality of this country is still superficial and thin on the ground. The “Turkey phenomenon” is actually perceived in a fragmented fashion by public opinion as well as Italian and European entrepreneurs, whilst it deserves a deeper and more comprehensive understanding. We are witnessing the “tectonic” emergence of a new regional and international power, by means of a process not without contradictions or problems, and yet irreversible.

Such developments represent one of the most important contemporary processes of social and political change, and they do affect Italy, whose relations with the region have enjoyed a sustained growth in recent years owing to its strong commitment to integrating Turkey in Europe and to supporting ever-closer economic and trade ties with Ankara. Hence the idea of promoting an initiative for reflecting in a comprehensive fashion on Turkey, utilizing a modular and progressive format comprising three international conferences of great importance.


Roberto Nicastro, UniCredit General Director; Matteo Fornara, Director of the European Commission’s Representation in Milan; Federico Maria Bega, manager of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Area at Promos – Milan Chamber of Commerce; Hakki Akil, Turkish Ambassador to Italy; Carlo Marsili, former Italian Ambassador to Turkey (2004-2010) and scientific coordinator of the project “Turkey Phenomenon”; Emin Fuat Keyman, Director of the Istanbul Policy Center at the Sabancı University of Istanbul; Umut Ozkırimlı, Visiting Professorat Lund University and professor at Istanbul Bilgi University; Sergio Romano, columnist for Corriere della Sera; Antonio Ferrari, columnist for Corriere della Sera; Kudret Sabanci, film and TV director; Nur Batur, journalist for the Turkish newspaper Sabah; Petek Gurbuz, International Relations expert; Volkan Bokzir, Ambassador and President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish Parliament; Emma Bonino, Deputy President of the Senate of the Italian Republic and Chair of the Italian-Turkish Forum of Dialogue.