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The Experience of Post-Arab Spring Governments: Economy, Institutions, and Society

MILAN, Sala Conferenze di Palazzo Turati

With the aim of going beyond the recurrent image of the “Arab transition”, this initiative presented a specific analysis of the state of the art and the possible developments in the power balance of the Mediterranean region, concretely dealing with the policies adopted by governments affected by such phenomena on the socio-political, economic and institutional level.

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Turkey 2020. Economy, Society, Foreign Policy and their possible developments

MILAN, Palazzo Turati

3th conference for the cycle “Turkey Phenomenon”
The conference consisted in a comprehensive reflection on Turkey’s economy, society and foreign policy.
Although Turkey is still perceived in a fragmented way, the country is projected towards the conquest of its new role of regional and international power – hence its idea of focusing on the strengths of what can now be termed as an irreversible process. At the same time, Turkey’s contradictions and problems must not be overlooked.

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Ottimi spunti da questa discussione con @stefaniacraxi Alfredo Conte @DangRaphael @nicoluccif @Mattia88261 sulle complesse relazioni tra #Francia e #Italia nel #Mediterraneo, frutto dello sforzo congiunto di @CeSPI_Roma e @FranceenItalie https://youtu.be/40XDFVwaGsY via @YouTube

📌#Coopera La Conferenza nazionale della cooperazione italiana, costituisce un'opportunità per fare un bilancio sulle prospettive della cooperazione internazionale
🙏Grazie a @petrellismo per il suo editoriale per il sito del CeSPI: https://bit.ly/3OzvkCk

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