icona per area di intervento di geopolitica


Peace prospects in the Middle East

MILAN, Sala Alessi, Palazzo Marino – Università degli Studi

This conference was the first of a series of three conferences marking the foundation of CIPMO and the start of its activities. More than sixty speakers from the Middle East, the USA, the Soviet Union and Europe took part in it.

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Participants in the program, which is run jointly with the Israel Innovation Authority, undergo months of full-stack development boot camp and then pledge to stay in Israel's workforce for two years


Affido e adozione, quelle zone di confine da imparare ad abitare http://ow.ly/YJnw50LPN7H
Sempre più spesso gli affidi durano molti anni e nell'adozione, invece, resta la relazione con un genitore biologico. Come gestire queste nuove situazioni? La riflessione del @CoordinamenCARE

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